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Table 1 Clinicopathological data of reported cases.

From: Primary pancreatic leiomyosarcoma: a case report

Case Number Year Author Age/Sex Clinical features Morphological Findings Clinical management & outcome
1 1951 Ross 80/M Weight loss, mass, LUQ Whole pancreas; wide spread metastases without lymph node involvement Autopsy case
2 1956 Berman & Levene 47/M Jaundice Head of pancreas;5.5 cm; no metastases Pancreatodudenectomy ; well 1 year later
3 1957 Feinberg et al 14/M Epigastric pain; nausea Head;11 cm; no metastases Pancreatodudenectomy
4 1965 Becker et al No data available No data available Cystic change No data available
5 1970 Oyamada et al 47/M General fatigue, mass, LUQ 15 cm Nonresectable
6–10 1973 Baylor & Berg (5 cases) 51 (Median), M:3, F:2 No data available Localized:1;Locally advanced:1;Disseminated:3 No data available
11 1976 Carda et al 56/F Nausea & vomiting Whole pancreas Gastrostomy; died in 9 months
12 1981 Ishikawa et al 44/M Epigastric pain, mass Head;8 cm,; localized at operation Pancreatodudenectomy; liver metastases 4 years later
13 1982 Tulha et al 28/F Weight loss, mass Head;20 cm Pancreatodudenectomy ; Lung & liver metastases 15 months later
14 1990 Murata et al 55/F No data available Head & tail; no metastases Caudal pancreatectomy
15 1991 Lakhoo & Mannell 68/M Abdominal pain, weight loss, mass Body;17 cm; no metastases Distal pancreatectomy, gastric resection & transverse colectomy; well 2 years later
16 1993 De Alava et al 71/M Abdominal pain, weight loss Body;3.6 cm; no metastases Pancreatectomy
17 1994 Peskova & Fried 68/F Malena Head;15 cm; localized Pancreatodudenectomy;well 3 years later
18 1994 Sato et al 53/F Abdominal pain, mass Body;25 cm; no metastases Distal pancreatectomy
19 1994 Ishii et al 66/M Incidental finding Tail;14 cm; wide spread metastases without lymph node involvement Nonresectable
20 1995 Aranha et al 46/F Epigastric pain, nausea, vomiting Body;3 cm; localized Distal pancreatectomy; dead in 9 months
21 1997 Owen et al 40/M Abdominal pain Head;6 cm; no metastases Pancreatodudenectomy; well 10 year later
22 2000 Nesi et al 76/M Fever Tail;8 cm; localized Distal pancreatectomy; dead in 12 months
23 2007 Present case 73/M Weight loss, Epigastric pain, abdominal mass Body;10 cm, hepatic metastases Nonresectable; dead in 3 months