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Figure 4

From: Nephrotic syndrome and kidney failure due to immunocomplex-mediated renal damage in a patient with Waldenström's Macroglobulinemia: a case report

Figure 4

Electron Microscopy. This field illustrates a large subendothelial and several, much smaller, subepithelial electron dense deposits. This pattern is similar to that originally described in MPGN type III and also often seen in proliferative lupus GN. Notice the duplication of the glomerular basement membrane with cellular interposition. The duplicated segment also contains electron dense deposits. Occasionally giant, subendothelial, globular electron dense deposits reduced the capillary loop to a pin-point lumen. Probably they correspond to the globules seen by light and fluorescence microscopy (Uranyl acetate and lead citrate × 40,000).

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