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Archived Comments for: An unusual case of frost bite autoamputation of toes

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  1. Probable sequele of Midfoot Amputation

    Siddhartha Sharma, Government Medical College Jammu, India

    14 January 2009

    I read this unusual case report with great interest. The patient had a midfoot amputation on the left side, which is almost equivalent to performing a Lisfranc amputation (done at the tarso-metatarsal level). Such amputations are usually followed by initially an equinus and then an equinovarus deformity.<br><br>n such cases, it is recommended that either Tendo Achilles tenectomy or transfer of one or more dorsiflexors of the ankle be done prophylactically (1)<br><br>I would like to ask the authors if they had discussed the possibility of an equinus deformity with the patient and the need for tenectomy / tendon transfer. Also, it would be interesting to know if she has any deformity on subsequent follow up.<br><br>Reference: 1. Canale ST, Beaty JH. Campbell’s Operative Orthopaedics. 11th ed. Philadelphia: Mosby, 2003: 587

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