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Table 1 Results of light microscopy and immunohistochemistry

From: Atypical manifestation of late onset limb girdle muscular dystrophy presenting with recurrent falling and shoulder dysfunction: a case report

Toluidin-blue and HE-staining Focally accentuated chronic myopathy with endo-, peri- and epimyseal fibrosis, reduced fiber thickness and augmentation of endomysial connective tissue
Trichrome-staining Focal subsarcolemmal fuchsinophily, centralised cores
PAS-staining Regular content of muscle-glycogene
Elastica-von-gieson and oil-red-staining No amyloid
NADH-TR-enzymeimmunohistochemistry Normal forming of groups of type I and II muscles, predominance of type I muscle fibers
Immunohistochemistry for myofiber-ATPasis (3 diff. pH's) Mainly type-I-muscle-fibers/also type-II muscle-fibers had central encymatic defects
Succinatedehydrogenasis and cytochrome-c-oxidasis activity Normal
Lead-citrate and uranyl-acetate cuts Muscle-fibers with subsarcolemmal deposited triglycerides and dilatated vacuoles, internal structure partially loosened
Antibodies anti-dystrophine-epitopes 1, 2 and 3 and anti-ubiquitine, merosin, desmine and alpha-sarcoglycane Regular colouring
Antibodies anti LCS, CD 3 and CD 20 Normal number of mononuclear cells