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Table 1 Radiological examinations and reports, in chronological order

From: Neuroma of a double gallbladder: a case report

Type of scan Result
ULTRASOUND OF ABDOMEN Normal liver. No intrahepatic duct dilatation. CBD 5 mm. Note made of previous cholecystectomy. Pancreas not clearly visualised. Normal spleen and kidneys
OGD exudative gastritis involving antrum, evidence of bile reflux HP – ve
BARIUM FOLLOW THROUGH The small bowel has a normal mucosal pattern and there is no evidence of obstruction
HIDA SCAN Normal examination
MRCP There is a gallbladder shaped fluid collection in the gallbladder fossa. This looks for all the world like a slightly contracted gallbladder but given the history a small persistent collection is perhaps more likely. It does seem to communicate with the cystic duct stump. The biliary tree is not dilated and no stones or strictures are seen within it. The previous HIDA scan shows a similar collection of contrast in the gallbladder fossa
C.T. CHOLANGIOGRAM Well opacified biliary tree. The structure in the gallbladder bed is clearly demonstrated to be a residual gallbladder. There are clips at the fundal end and there appears to have been a kind of hemi-cholecystectomy. The residual gallbladder is in continuity with the cystic duct and onwards to the biliary tree. I can't see any gallstones in the residual gallbladder or biliary tree and there is certainly no biliary dilatation. No convincing evidence of any collections in the gallbladder fossa