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Figure 9

From: CT appearance of a patent impar umbilical artery in an adult woman and related anomalies: a case report and review of the literature

Figure 9

Shows a schematic rendering of the vascular situation, drawn from a series of volume rendering, and maximum intensity projection reconstructions of the CT and MRI images. ICA – Inferior communicating artery; IMA – Inferior Mesenteriv Artery; IUA – Impar Umbilica Artery; LFA – Left Femoral Artery; LOA – Left Obturatory Artery; LIGA – Left Inferior Gluteal Artery; LRA – Left Renal Artery; LSGA – Left Superior Gluteal Artery; MSA – Median Sacral Artery; RFA – Right Femoral Artery; RIGA – Right Inferior Gluteal Artery; ROA – Right Obturatory Artery; ROVA – Right Ovarian Artery; RSGA – Right Superior Gluteal Artery; UA – Uterine Artery.

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