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Table 1 Summary of reported cases of multiple extradural spinal arachnoid cysts

From: Multiple extradural spinal arachnoid cysts: a case report and review of the literature

Age/Gender Number/Level of cysts Symptoms/Duration Treatment/Outcome Complications Author/Reference number
42/F 3/L1-3 NA/15 yrs Laminectomy; cystectomy/NA NA Dutoit*/5
15/M 2/T6-11 NA/NA Laminectomy; cystectomy/NA NA Lombardi and Passerini*/5
29/F 3/L1-4 NA/4 yrs Laminectomy; cystectomy/NA NA Nugent*/5
13/F 2/T6-12 NA/14 mo Laminectomy; cystectomy/NA NA Strang and Tovi*/5
15/M 2/T7-11 NA/6 wks Laminectomy; cystectomy/NA NA Dastur*/5
13/F 4/T4-12 NA/2 mo Laminectomy; cystectomy/NA NA Kronborg*/5
11/F 3(intradural), 3(extradural)T1-L2 NA/NA Laminoplasty; as much as possible excision (intradural); cystectomy (extradural)/NA KS Otake S*/8
9/F 6/T2-S1 Progressive gait disturbance/2 wks T1-L2 laminoplasty; cystectomy; cyst within lumbar and sacral canal was left untreated/incomplete recovery K Myles*/8
12/M 11/T2-T12 NA Laminoplasty; cystectomy and closed communication; cystectomy and unclosed communication; cyst-abdominal shunt/recurrence of the cyst in which the communication was not closed K Obara K*/8
11/M 5/T5-L5 Gait disturbance/1 mo Laminectomy; cystectomy and closed communication; cyst at the cauda equinal level was left untreated/complete recovery KS Takagaki/8
12/F 2/L1-2 Progressive intermittent bilateral claudication/6 mo Laminectomy; cystectomy; dural repair/complete recovery - Chang/4
12/M 2/T5-10 Progressive paraparesis; unsteady gait; urinary hesitancy/10 mo Laminotomy, cystectomy; neck sutured/complete recovery - Kanaan/6
14/M 2/T4-11 Progressive paraparesis/4 mo Laminotomy, cyst excision, repair of dural defect/complete recovery - Suryaningtyas/1
31/F NA/T7-L3 Acute paraplegia/NA Excision of the posterior wall of the symptomatic lesion/NA NA Marbacher/7
12/F 4/T5-12 Frequent stumbling/2 yrs Laminectomy and laminoplasty; cystectomy; stalk ligation; dural defect repair - Yabuki/9
13/F 3/T5-L5 Back pain/4 mo Laminoplasty; cystectomy; stalk ligation - Yabuki/9
17/M 5/T4-L5 Progressive paraparesis; urinary hesitancy/1 mo Laminectomy; cystectomy; stalk ligation; enforcement with muscle flap/complete recovery K Current case
  1. K, kyphosis; S scoliosis; KS kyphoscoliosis; NA, Not Available. Asterisks refer to the cases not originally available to the authors.