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Table 1 Summary of reported eight and our lgG4-related hepatic IPT cases

From: IgG4-related hepatic inflammatory pseudotumor with sclerosing cholangitis: a case report and review of the literature

case Age (Y) sex Clinical Diagnosis Solitary/multiple Pancretic IPT SC Treatment
1 59 M Liver cancer solitary + Segmentectomy of the liver
2 79 M ICC solitary head + Segmentectomy of the liver
3 56 M ICC solitary + Lobectomy of the liver
4 64 M ICC solitary + Lobectomy of the liver
5 67 M Hepatic hilar cholangiocarcinoma solitary + Lobectomy of the liver
6 59 M Hepatic IPT+AIP multiple head IHBD CBD (MRCP) PSL
7 48 M ICC+AIP multiple head lowerCBD (ERCP) Lobectomy of the liver+PSL
8 54 M Hepatic IPT+AIP solitary head lowerCBD (ERCP) No treatment
our case 77 M ICC solitary + Lobectomy of the liver
  1. ICC, Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma; AIP, Autoimmune pancrealitis; IPT, Inflammatory pseudotumor; PSL, Prednizolone.
  2. case1-5 cited from reference 7, case6 from reference 1, case7 from reference 2, case8 from reference 3.