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  1. Case Report

    Dihydrotachysterol intoxication treated with pamidronate: a case report

    Hypoparathyroidism is a chronic condition which requires a lifelong substitution with vitamin D analogues and careful monitoring. This is especially true for older patients and older compounds as dihydrotachys...

    Mojca Jensterle, Marija Pfeifer, Matjaz Sever and Tomaz Kocjan

    Cases Journal 2010 3:78

    Published on: 26 March 2010

  2. Case Report

    Profound hyponatremia in cirrhosis: a case report

    Cirrhosis of the liver commonly leads to a state of chronic hypervolemic hyponatremia. Profound exacerbation of the hyponatremic state may occur in patients with decompensated cirrhosis in conjunction with acu...

    Aaron Lindsay

    Cases Journal 2010 3:77

    Published on: 23 March 2010

  3. Case Report

    Acute occlusion of the celiac axis and its branches with perforation of gastric fundus and splenic infarction, findings on spiral computed tomography: a case report

    We present the contrast-enhanced spiral CT findings in a case of acute celiac artery occlusion with gastric perforation and total splenic infarction. Spiral CT depicted thrombus in the celiac axis and its bran...

    Nikolaos L Kelekis, Evangelos Athanassiou, Dimitra Loggitsi, Rebecca Moisidou, George Tzovaras and Ioannis Fezoulidis

    Cases Journal 2010 3:82

    Published on: 22 March 2010

  4. Case Report

    Acute superior mesenteric venous thrombosis with advanced gastric cancer: a case report

    Although the advanced stages of neoplasms have a risk of superior mesenteric venous thrombosis (MVT), an initial clinical diagnosis of MVT is sometimes difficult and it can be treated as a cancer-related pain ...

    Fuminori Goda, Hiroyuki Okuyama, Ayumu Yamagami, Hiromi Nakata, Michio Inukai, Eiji Ohashi, Takeaki Kohno, Takashi Himoto, Hisashi Masugata and Shoichi Senda

    Cases Journal 2010 3:76

    Published on: 9 March 2010

  5. Case Report

    Hyaline vascular- type Castleman's disease in the hilum of liver: a case report

    Castleman's disease or angiofollicular lymphoid hyperplasia is a rare benign lymph node hyperplasia usually presenting as an asymptomatic mediastinal mass in children. The disease can present at any extra thor...

    Hossein Karami, Alireza Alam Sahebpour, Maryam Ghasemi, Hasan Karami, Mojdeh Dabirian, Kurosh Vahidshahi, Farzad Masiha and Soheila Shahmohammadi

    Cases Journal 2010 3:74

    Published on: 1 March 2010

  6. Case Report

    A case of pseudohyperkalemia in a patient presenting with leucocytosis and high potassium level: a Case Report

    Pseudohyperkalemia can appear in a variety of settings and should be recognized early. Treatment of pseudohyperkalemia can lead to an inappropriate decrease of actual serum potassium levels which may lead to l...

    Alice Kim, Benjamin Biteman, Umer F Malik, Shahzad Siddique, Mersadies R Martin, Syed A Ali, Nadeem Maboud, Sabiya Raja, Alison Zachry and Ahmed Mahmoud

    Cases Journal 2010 3:73

    Published on: 25 February 2010

  7. Case Report

    Mycobacterium tuberculosis osteomyelitis in a patient with human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS): a case report

    The incidence of tuberculosis is increasing in the United States. Extra-pulmonary involvement is more common in patients with HIV/AIDS. The diagnosis of Tuberculosis osteomyelitis requires a high degree of sus...

    Supriya Mannepalli, Levonne Mitchell-Samon, Nilmarie Guzman, Manish Relan and Yvette S McCarter

    Cases Journal 2010 3:67

    Published on: 23 February 2010

  8. Case Report

    In-stent thrombosis after 68 months of implantation inspite of continuous dual antiplatelet therapy: a case report

    Lately, there has been an increased incidence of late stent thrombosis; especially following Drug eluting stent (DES) implantation. Several factors are associated with an increased risk of stent thrombosis, in...

    Tarun Nagrani, Medhat Zaher, Sainath Gaddam, George Jabbour, Duccio Baldari, Roberto Baglini and Srinivas Duvvuri

    Cases Journal 2010 3:68

    Published on: 23 February 2010

  9. Case Report

    Cardiogenic shock in a patient with hypothyroid myopathy responsive only to thyroxin replacement: a case report

    The effect of hypothyroidism on the cardiovascular system has been well documented. Cardiac dysfunction due to hypothyroidism manifests as both systolic and diastolic dysfunction of the heart leading to cardia...

    Sanath Dharmasena, Olga Burzyantseva, Suriya Jayawardana, Vijay A Rupanagudy and Krishnan Pathmanathan

    Cases Journal 2010 3:66

    Published on: 23 February 2010

  10. Case Report

    Administration of inositol to a patient with bipolar disorder and psoriasis: a case report

    This case report documents the effectiveness of inositol treatment on a chronic patient with bipolar disorder I and severe psoriasis. Her lithium treatment was discontinued due to psoriasis exacerbation and in...

    Konstantinos Kontoangelos, Nikolaos Vaidakis, Ioannis Zervas, Olga Thomadaki, Smaragda Christaki, Nikolaos G Stavrianeas and George N Papadimitriou

    Cases Journal 2010 3:69

    Published on: 23 February 2010

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